Birthday Party


Table of contents

  1. What is required to host a show?
  2. Can you perform in a garden or outside?
  3. How can we avoid disruptions during the performance?
  4. Can you do a show in a child’s playroom?
  5. Pointers about the children’s safety and comfort
  6. What if our child is shy?
  7. Do you offer a longer show (2+ hours)?

What is required to host a show?

A glass of water would be nice, just in case. Konrad brings everything else that is necessary to perform a show.

Logistically, it must be noted that the audience, for obvious reasons, should not walk or sit behind the magician, only in front of him.

While picking a spot to hold the show, it’s ideal to have a wall, fireplace or other similar structure behind the stage area. Luckily, Konrad can fit anywhere, and one day he even performed on a plane!


Performance in the garden?

Yes, it is possible. Just beware of the neighbor’s barking dog, flying helicopter, surprising bee, strong wind, rain or snow, and other random factors of which we don’t have any control over.

All of these potential outdoor occurrences can disturb or even end the show entirely, or perhaps cause the performance to be moved indoors after all. Please think over these possibilities before deciding on an exact venue.


How can we avoid disruptions during the performance?

The most foolproof way for the audience to stay focused on the show is to remove any possible troublemakers. These are the repeat offenders:


Can you do a show in a child’s playroom?

Performance in a playroom is indeed possible, BUT in such a room there are even more unpleasant surprises waiting for us than in the house, so that’s why I urge you to please read the previous points. Besides these items, there are yet more dodgy things that live in playrooms for us to attempt and dodge:


Pointers about the children’s safety and comfort:

Safety is a main concern of Konrad’s, especially when very young kids are attending the show. With just a few basic guidelines to keep in mind, everyone can enjoy the magic tricks in a safe and comfortable environment.

  1. To emphasize the issue of keeping snacks and meals for only before or after the presentation, the fact that kids often burst out laughing during the show can lead to a chance of choking if they’re chewing on food.
  2. When there are kids younger than three years old attending the show, it is recommended that a parent take their toddler to sit on mommy or daddy’s lap. Otherwise, Little Bambino could out of nowhere run onto the stage and it’s possible that Konrad won’t see them. Don’t leave the young kids alone.
  3. Sometimes, when the magic man first appears, small kids can be scared of this tall, unfamiliar person who came to entertain them. That’s why a surprise show is not necessarily a good route to take for everyone, and results have been better when children are told at least a couple of days beforehand what they can expect = that a funny man will be coming to do amazing magic tricks specially for them! You can also show them one of the videos of me on youtube (or my photos), and when they see me for the second time they won’t be worried. This is particularly relevant to quiet or fearful kids.
  4. I advise not to tease (especially children under age six) with jokes like, “If you are naughty, then mister magician will come and transform you into a frog!” or “Be polite or the powerful magician will make you vanish in a flash!” These lines can seem playful enough, but younger children may already be wary of the surreal nature of magic shows, and cry just at the sight of big, alien magician in front of them! Although, it must be said that Konrad isn’t nearly as spooky as he seems. :D

What if our child is shy?

That’s not a problem at all. As I mentioned earlier, it’s helpful to prepare a kid for who’s going to appear and what’s going to happen. And the most important thing: Don’t force or encourage them to help the magician if they don't want to. It may trigger unnecessary stress for them, when they should be having a ball! During the show I ask multiple times “Who would like to help me with next trick?” Often, shy youngsters don’t come forward at the start, but after some time they see that it’s not so scary and raise their hand (nonetheless, participation from everyone in attendance is not a rule). Relatedly, do not prepare a special throne or chair for the birthday boy or girl (specifically if they tend to be shy), as they may end up feeling isolated from their friends and more hesitant to interact in the activities going on before them.


Do you offer a longer show (2+ hours)?

I can, but the question is: for what reason? My task is to make the kiddos remember meeting a super cool magician, as well as trying my best to not put them to sleep from boredom after the fortieth trick. If you want to occupy children for a longer time, I would kindly advise hiring an extra animator to keep their full attention and allow for fresh material to be introduced.