Here you will find explanations for most of my tricks - step by step.

Konrad Modzelewski - Comedian - Magician

Konrad Modzelewski is a man of many faces and talents. It all began with juggling. As a teenager, he learned how to juggle with seven balls, and even picked up balancing a machete on his nose! He then did fire shows and a couple hundred performances as a clown.

Alternatively, he studied computer science and psychology, but after attending circus school he finally threw it all behind him to set out on his own path. Currently, Konrad performs as a magician full time and it is his true passion in life. Every day he works on new tricks and gags to keep his audience constantly on the edge of their seats. He shows off his skills at birthday parties, in schools and daycares, at family events, on TV, or even in planes (Konrad performed for Enter Air charter airline)! Konrad’s also the proud author of a book of magic tricks for kids called “Children's Book of Magic”! His motto is that it isn’t important what trick he does, but precisely how he presents it.

Nowadays, people aren’t keen to believe in magic, so why not at least entertain them with it?
The absolute greatest joy for him is to make everyone in the audience smile. :-)
Recently after a show, a young boy came to Konrad and asked,
"Are you a real wizard?”
Konrad replied,
“It all depends on you.”