Here you will find explanations for most of my tricks - step by step.

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Birthday parties with Konrad

“It was better than Minecraft!” - Those were 10-year-old Wojtek’s comments about Konrad’s show.

Konrad and his magnificent magic show will entertain you until your sides ache from laughter! Children, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents will all be equally amused. Your child’s special birthday show can take place nearly anywhere - in a flat, restaurant, rented event space, or any place that best suits your needs. It’s also possible to organize a surprise for the honorary birthday boy or girl in their school, kindergarten or preschool.

During the show, you will be amazed and mesmerized from the very beginning all the way through to the end, as mysterious feats are played out before your very eyes! See how a ripped handkerchief turns into a complete one, and how a rope in one moment is cut and then suddenly is not! Konrad will also try to make a jaw-dropping escape from tight metal handcuffs, and sometimes he even succeeds at it! The chock-full program includes many more exciting secrets that cannot be spoiled here…

Fun guaranteed!

Magic show that’s better than candy floss!

Konrad Modzelewski‘s family show creates eyes full of wonder and deep belly laughs! Disappearing handkerchiefs, a daring escape from handcuffs, a levitating ball, and silly objects appearing mysteriously in spectators’ pockets are just a glimpse of all the fun that will be had!

Konrad’s program works well as either a main attraction, or as an accompanying attraction.

The show is highly interactive - with many of the tricks the magician needs assistants chosen from the audience. Warning: This may cause the rare and shocking occasion of actually being able to lure the parents away from the buffet table for once!

This unique magic program is ideal for events like: birthday parties, holidays, family picnics and reunions, festivals, carnivals, neighborhood gatherings and promotional activities. Konrad’s magic extravaganza is a blast for whole family!

Where can Konrad perform?

Scheduling a performance is simple, as he’s able to come to you and work at community centers, libraries, clubhouses and even your garage...basically, anywhere! He is looking forward to seeing you and making your event one to never forget.

Please note that Konrad prefers to not perform while his audience is eating to avoid distractions on both sides. In that regard, when planning your event take caution to keep Konrad away from the pizza delivery to ensure that at least some food reaches the others.